Want to know the secret to financial freedom?  It’s easy… start saving money.   Whether you’re looking to make saving money a part of your everyday banking or you’d like a long-term nest egg for your retirement, First National Bank offers a number of comfortable options for everyone.

Our financial service representatives will assist you in finding the saving tool that will allow you to maximize your dollar, while giving you competitive rates, flexibility and benefits. We know that each customer is unique. Let us help you reach your savings goals.

Statement Savings
Our Statement Savings account is perfect for anyone just getting started with their savings plan. It’s easy to transfer money to and from your First National Bank checking account! And, the flexibility of a low minimum balance requirement means you can start out small and grow your savings at your own pace!

And we want you to have easy access to your money, so make sure you take advantage of these additional features:

  • PC Express® Internet banking
  • Online Statements
  • Mobile Banking
Money Market Accounts
Enjoy the features of an interest bearing savings account and check writing privileges with our Money Market Account! And the best part is, the more you save the more you earn, because the rates are tiered to reward higher balances. When you maintain the minimum balance requirements there are no monthly service fees, making the Money Market Account an easy choice for serious savings!

Make sure to take advantage of these additional features:

  • ATM Card
  • PC Express® Internet banking
  • Online Statements
  • Mobile Banking
Certificates of Deposit
If you're looking for a competitive, higher interest rate, a certificate of deposit may be the account for you.

A CD requires funds to remain on deposit for a specified time but offers you the security of a fixed rate. Our CDs are available in terms from 91 days to 60 months.

Contact your local branch for rate and term information.


Coverdell Education Savings Account
A Coverdell ESA is a trust or custodial account created for the purpose of paying the qualified education expenses of the designated beneficiary of the account. When the account is established, the designated beneficiary must be under age 18 or a special needs beneficiary.

  • Contributions are made with after tax dollars
  • Earnings are tax free if used for qualified educational expenses
  • Deposits may be placed in a savings or certificate of deposit

Ready to Give Internet Banking a Try? 

Ready to Give Internet Banking a Try?

Lost/Stolen ATM Card

If your ATM/Debit card is lost or stolen:

During business hours, contact your local branch After hours, please call 1-888-263-3370.