01/28/2021: Yeah…Money is Dirty

The coronavirus is drawing attention to the safety and cleanliness of basic activities such as purchasing items with cash.  We all know that money is notorious for being dirty, but amidst evolving concerns, it’s likely that you’re considering contactless options over cash for a while.

To help keep you from swapping or spending bills, consider these options next time you need to pay for something.

Mobile Wallet
A mobile wallet is an app on your smart phone that stores payment information from a credit card or debit card, then allows you to use your device to make contactless purchases. Your phone probably has the app installed already, so simply follow the instructions to add your First Savings Bank debit card and securely pay for purchases at thousands of stores.

Debit Cards
If smart phones aren’t really your thing, but you’d prefer to avoid cash, your FSB debit card is a good choice.  Typically, you’ll be the only one touching the card, so it’s still a nice contactless choice.  And, it’s simple to disinfect with a sanitizing wipe.

Miryam Wahrman, a biology professor at William Paterson University and author of “The Hand Book: Surviving in a Germ-Filled World,” recommends keeping your credit cards in a dedicated spot in your wallet or purse. She also suggests cleaning your hands with soap or hand sanitizer if you’ve just touched your card and you’re about to eat something.

“Alcohol-based sanitizers are effective – they do reduce contamination,” Wahrman said. “But they’re not as good as trusty old soap and water, which research has shown to reduce bacterial contamination.”

Need to pay the sitter, gift money or split the bill with friends?  Popmoney (person to person payments) is your new solution.  Just log on to internet banking or your mobile banking app and you’ll find Popmoney with the bill payment options.  You’ll simply enter the recipient’s name along with email or phone number and the dollar amount you’re sending; that’s it.  They’ll be contacted to finish the transaction.  It’s a safe and simple, contactless way to pay!

Bill Pay
While you probably aren’t sending cash to pay your bills, we couldn’t complete this list without reminding you that online bill pay is the easiest and contactless way to pay your bills.  Again, just log on to internet banking or your mobile banking app, enter the payee and your account information and pay your bills without writing a check, addressing an envelope or buying a stamp.

You’ll feel spoiled when you start to use these simple features! We also offer video tutorials on our website if you’d like to see things in action first and, of course you can always contact us at the branch to assist with any questions.

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*Message and data rates may apply to mobile banking options