05/19/2021: Early Habits Equal Successful Futures

Is there anything more adorable than watching a baby say their first words? You don’t even need to have children of your own to witness this momentous occasion either, you can practically stumble across adorable, first word videos just by scrolling through Facebook. It’s actually pretty fun to watch children learn anything new.  Initially it […]

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01/29/2021: Safer In The Bank

Uncertainty is stressful and oftentimes scary.  And, to say that things have been surreal lately would be an understatement.  First National Bank understands that tensions might be running high. Please know that we continue to stand together with our communities through these challenging times and that most assuredly, your money is safe and secure.  As […]

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01/28/2021: Yeah…Money is Dirty

The coronavirus is drawing attention to the safety and cleanliness of basic activities such as purchasing items with cash.  We all know that money is notorious for being dirty, but amidst evolving concerns, it’s likely that you’re considering contactless options over cash for a while. To help keep you from swapping or spending bills, consider […]

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Avoiding Common Email Scams

Email scams are on the rise!  Scammers have the ability to target thousands of people in a short period of time, so they can be extremely profitable for these fraudsters.  If you have an email address, there’s a chance you’ve run across an email like this: Dear sir /madam: I am Prince Emale Von-Scammermon and […]

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Money Saving Advice From a Latchkey Kid

Where are my people?  Raise your hand if you’ve ever worked in the food industry as a server?  Bravo!  Here’s a job that will ramp up your focus and organizational skills.  Side note:  If you’re willing to take a few diggers, try your hand at waiting tables and you’ll likely walk away with some A+ […]

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